Camp Randall Rowing Club

What does Camp Randall mean to it’s members?

Hear it from the athletes and their parents themselves.

“Camp Randall has grown to be a home away from hom…the majority of my friendships have been forged at CRRC…rowing teaches you how to work harder than you ever had before in both body and mind.”


“I highly value the lessons and discipline he gets from being in CRRC. He now knows what it’s like to try your absolute hardest at something and reap the huge sense of accomplishment. I don’t think it’s a coincidence he is buckling down at school more.”



“I never expected that a decision as small as what sport to do after school could change my entire life…I have learned through the club that committing to something doesn’t only mean sticking to something. It means staying true to it.”


“As I’ve said before, if you’ve watched your kid sweat, cry, laugh, pull, strain, puke, dance, sing, win, and lose at Camp Randall, you get it. You really get it. There’s no bigger bang for the buck for my daughter than Camp Randall, and I want to make sure she keeps getting it, too.”


“Camp Randall to me means dependability, friendships and sunrises. I would be lost without this crew!”

Anna Tracy

Rower, Class of 2021

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