Our Fleet

The Vision


Camp Randall Rowing Club is committed to providing a successful training platform for its athletes. Athletes having the tools to be safe, progress forward, and excel is important.

We are committed to the long-term development of our athletes. It is important that they develop their rowing abilities, including a significant amount of work in small boats. Using technology to provide real-time feedback is important to our coaching staff as is the use of video review. Finally, it is important to the long-term development that are athletes have the tools to train smart and learn more about tracking their athletic performance.

Our Boats


John T. Norton: 2021 Maas 27

“Un-Named”: 2020 Wintech International HW

Undiscovered Serenity: 2020 Wintech International MW

“Un-Named”: 2020 Wintech International LW

Plum: 2018 Maas Flyweight

“Un-Named”: 2018 Wintech Competitor MW

Survivor: 2017 Wintech International MW

Rowed / Sculler: 2016 Vespoli Matrix 27

Findorff: 2014 Wintech Club Trainer MW

“Un-Named”: 2014 Wintech Explorer-21

Poseidon: 1997 Pocock – Competition Line

“Un-Named”: 1985 Empacher

Hammers: 1998 Vespoli

“Un-Named”: Wooden LiangJin 1x

“Un-Named”: 1970s Van Duesen 1x (Naming Rights Claimed)


Hippo: 2019 Wintech International LW

“Un-Named”: 2019 Wintech International LW

“Un-Named”: 2019 Wintech International LW

Ratatouille: 2019 Wintech International MW

“Un-Named”: 2019 Wintech International MW

“Un-Named”: 2019 Wintech International HW

“Un-Named”: 2020 Wintech International MW


“Un-Named”: 2019 Wintech International MW

Steve Schaefer: 2008 Wintech Competitor LW


Noozhezhashk: 2014 Hudson S5 LW

Maggie May: 2012 Vespoli LW

Russ Lerum II: 2012 Vespoli MW

Citius, Altius, Fortius: 2000 Vespoli Millennium DS

DarkHorse: 1998 Vespoli Millennium DL


Fast & Furious 8: 2015 Hudson S8

Pablo: 2003 Vespoli M2 DL

El Tigre Verde: 2002 Vespoli Millennium S2

Ne Pret: 1998 Vespoli Millennium DM

Sy Thomas: 1997 Vespoli Performer

Bucher: 1991 Vespoli Performer DL

Enots: 1990 Vespoli Performer DM

By the Numbers

Boats: 7 Eights, 5 Fours, 2 Quads, 7 Pair/Doubles, & 15 Singles

1 Still Water Barge     |     150ft of Floating Dock

Oars: 8 Sets of Sweep Oars & 26 Pair of Sculling Oars

Speed Coaches (15)    |     Coxboxes (10)    |     Radios (19)

6 Coaching Launches with Motors

1 Boat Trailer     |     1 Team-Owned Diesel Truck

62 Ergs     |      6 Spin Bikes

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