Junior Parent Committee

The Junior Parent Committee (JPC) supports the coaching staff and rowers. The role of parent-volunteers is core to the success of the program and the involvement and support of parents is critical in keeping the club fun and functioning. All parents, guardians and grandparents of enrolled junior rowers are eligible and encouraged to participate in the JPC. The JPC shall select a Chair and Vice-chair and shall organize such subcommittees as necessary to fulfill its responsibilities. The JPC Chair shall serve as a voting member of the CRRC Board of Directors.


Chairs: Julie Ward and Brad Chier

Safety, Safe Sport & Culture: Hannah Spaul
Financial Assistance & Fundraising: VACANT
Erg-A-Thon: Kari Cole
Outreach & Recruitment: Amy Thomas
Social: David Gunderson
Website: Chuck Chvala, Amy Thomas, Katie Beilfuss
Clothing: Christine Wilkins
Regatta Camp / Equipment Crew: VACANT
Regatta Food: VACANT
Team Travel: VACANT
Camp Randall Invite: Ed Wallander
Summer Programming: VACANT
Grant Writing: VACANT









1. Collect and maintain records (including but not limited to registration forms, waivers and emergency contact information) of the fall, spring and winter workout programs and travel fees paid by the families of Junior Team rowers.
2. Organize, manage and coordinate the annual fall and spring parent meetings, open houses, banquet, and other social activities.
3. Lead fund-raising activities for the Junior rowing program, including the annual Erg-A-Thon.
4. Organize, manage and coordinate the team and food tent as well as other associated actitives at the Junior team’s regattas.
5. Organize and manage team clothing and unisuits.
6. Assist the coaching staff with planning and running of home regattas.
7. Coordinate recruiting opportunities in the greater Madison area
8. Prepare reports to the Board of Directors about the activities of the JPC, including recommendations for policies, activities, expenditures, etc.
9. Enhance and support the various CRRC programming

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