CRRC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt volunteer organization, committed to promoting an understanding and appreciation of the sport of rowing through our middle school and high school Learn-to-Row programs, Junior (high school) competitive rowing program, and  WeCanRow program for female cancer survivors.

About CRRC's Finances

CRRC’s program fees and rack rentals are set at a level to cover annual operating expenses only. CRRC does NOT include equipment purchases, scholarships or boathouse construction/improvement expenses in the operating budget, which are met by separate fundraising activities. Fundraising support for CRRC comes from community, corporate and individual donors.

Equipment Fund

In order to be competitive, our crews must have quality boats to race in. Camp Randall manages our fleet carefully, selling older equipment and buying newer equipment subject to funds. Typically a program of our size raises $30,000 to $40,000 annually to keep their fleet competitive. In prior years we have been quite fortunate to have a small number of very generous donors step forward to enable us to buy the equipment we need. We are hoping this fortune continues!

Scholarship Fund

Camp Randall Rowing Club is committed to making rowing accessible to all. We offer financial assistance to participants in our various youth programs as well as our We Can Row Program. The Scholarship Fund is sustained by fundraising, grants and donations.

Learn More About our Fundraising Efforts

2021 Erg-a-Thon

The CRRC Erg-a-thon is held annually during March and is one of the club’s most successful fundraising events. During this “marathon of erging”, ergs (rowing machines) are set up in the boat house and rowers log several meters. Rowers collect pledges during the two months prior to the event, and spectators can also donate on the spot while the rowers are erging. The erg-a-thon has enabled the club to purchase boats, oars, our truck and other essential equipment. This is our main fundraising event of the year and ensures that our Junior rowers continue to have the equipment necessary to compete.


This year’s erg-a-thon will be March 20, 2021.

Visit our 2021 campaign.




Current Wish List

Equipment / Training Devices

  • Sculling Riggers for Russ, Maggie, and/or Nooze ($2000/set)
  • Heart Rate Belts ($50/belt)
  • Empower Oarlocks – Sweep & Sculling ($500/oarlock)
  • CoxMate GPS ($280 or 5 for $1000)
  • PM5 monitors for Ergs ($160/monitor)
  • Coach-to-Athlete Communication
    • Radios ($50-100) & Drypaks ($20-30)

Strength and Condition Equipment

  • 4 Spin Bikes ($950/bike estimate)
  • Resistance Bands & Medicine Balls
  • Barbells / Dumbbells / Kettlebells / Plates (all sizes)
  • Yoga Mats
  • Countdown Clock

Ways to donate


Donate on Regatta Central:

Donate by check  Made out to Camp Randall RC, PO Box 258160, Madison, WI, 53725-8160


If you are donating to meet a specific need, please specify whether you would like your donation applied to the Junior Equipment Fund, Scholarship Fund or WeCanRow program.  Otherwise your donation will be applied to our Prudent Reserve Fund which is used each year to fund our most pressing needs.

All donations are greatly appreciated

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