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2017 Midwest Junior Rowing Championships

May 19-21, 2017 Bethel, OH


IMPORTANT NOTE: Rowers will miss school on May 19th.

ROWERS, before you board the bus, the following forms must be up to date: 

SIGN-UP GENIUS: We need help with foodstuffs at the racecourse and beforehand! volunteer here.

WEBSITE:  For more information, go to cjrc.us additional information can be found on Regatta Central.

LOCATION:  Lake Harsha Beach, East Fork State Park, Route 125 & Bantam. The park is roughly 1 hour east of Cincinnati.

HEAT SHEET AND LANE DRAWS: This is a multi-day event. Events are listed in the order of the finals. Full schedule can be found here.

SPECTATORS & FANS: CRRC will have coffee for you set up at our tents, and usually someone bakes something delicious to share. Stop by and chat with other CRRC fans. Bring chairs, binoculars, a picnic and a full water bottle. The regatta site is a beachfront with very little shade. There will be food and beverages for spectators to purchase and there are lots of vendors if you are shopper. This area is fairly remote. Please note, parking by the beach is very limited, you may need to be ready to walk up to a half-mile.

WEATHER: Up to date weather information for Bethel, OH can be found here.

What to Pack:

  • Breakfast, Lunch, snacks and a FULL water bottle for first day – we will not stop for a meal. The bus ride is about 8 hours.
  • Entertainment/activities, homework for non-race time: art supplies, Frisbee, book, card games, etc.
  • Uniform (required on the water)
  • Coxwains: Cox box, watch, fanny pack with paper and pen (in case you need to record race notes)
  • Pillow & sleeping bag (rooms are full and it’s a long bus ride)
  • CRRC Spirit Wear
  • sun hat/cold weather cap
  • sun screen
  • clothes for cooler weather/rain-gear
  • money for race t-shirt (optional)
  • assorted clothing for non-racing time
  • running shoes
  • swim suit
  • pajamas
  • personal hygiene items
  • medications


Click here for full itinerary of the Midwest Junior Rowing Championships


5:00 AM – Get on the Bus at Pick n Save-Hilldale 3650 University Avenue.

5:30 AM Bus departs.

3:00 PM ETA – Rig and row at Lake Harsha

6:00 PM Team Dinner & Check in at DoubleTree Suites (513-489-3636)


5:30 AM Bus departs for Lake Harsha

6:30 AM Coaches and coxswains meeting

7:00 PM Team dinner at hotel.


6:30 AM Bus departs for Lake Harsha

Boats qualifying on Saturday race in petite and grand finals.

5:00 PM ETA Depart Lake Harsha.  Dinner and snacks provided on bus.

Midnight ETA – Pick N Save,  3650 University Avenue.  Rowers will call when approximately 30 minutes from Madison.


Coach Contact Information

  • Shayla Dvorak 920-242-4821
  • Phil White 970-819-9705
  • Mike Mancusi-Ungaro 610-608-8118
  • Grace Peterson 608-279-7434

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