Friday March 18 – Saturday March 26, 2016

La Follette, TN ~ St. Louis, MO



Rowers will miss school on Friday March 18. Please make arrangements for make-up work and bring homework.

Before rowers may board the bus (Deadline Fri March 11) Rowers must have:

  1. ALL registration forms completed
  2. club dues paid
  3. code of conduct signed
  4. electronic US rowing waiver signed.
  5. Rowers and chaperones must review the CRRC code of conduct.

Loading trailer and U Haul: Rowers are required to be at the Boathouse Wed March 16 & Thurs March 17 from 4:30-6:30pm to help load equipment and boats.

What to pack


A suggested packing list can be found here.

Rowers should pack two bags:

  • A ‘bus bag’ for the ride down that includes a full water bottle, a lunch and some snacks, and anything else they will need on the bus.
  • A ‘camp bag’ that will not be accessible until we reach Tennessee.
  • A full waterbottle and a sack lunch/snacks for the ride down to Tennessee.
  • Breakfast items please sign up using the sign up genius link.

The Temperature in Tennessee during this time frame ranges from 40-80 degrees, so please pack layers for all weather.

Note: Cell phone reception is patchy if at all in TN and KY! Chaperones will send twitter/FB/Instagram updates.


  • The daytime average weather temperature for La Follette, TN is 63 deg. The most recent weather forecast for LaFollette can be found here.
  • The daytime average temperature for St. Louis is 59 deg. The most recent weather forecast for St. Louis can be found here.

Friday March 18

  •  6:30 am Buses depart from Copps parking lot, 3650 University Avenue. Van Galder contact David Schmeling M-F 7a-5p, Sat 7a-3p, (800) 747-0994 x 1110. Driver cell phones will be exchanged prior to departure. Coaches assign rowers to buses. Captains take roll call. Bring sack lunch on the bus. Buses will stop for bathroom breaks but lunch will be eaten on the bus. Chaperones will carry medical forms, first aid kits on the buses.
  • 1:00 pm Truck with boat trailer and U Haul depart for TN
  • 5:30 pm (estimated) Dinner at Golden Corral near London, KY (606) 864-7062. Rooming lists will be announced on the buses after dinner.
  • 9:30 pm (estimated) Arrive at Marina near Clinton, TN – Shanghai Resort 1042 Shanghai Road, LaFollette TN (423) 562-7651 phone; (423) 566-3820 fax.

Saturday March 19

  •  7-8 am Move trailer to marina, set up dock, unload, rig and row! Chaperones pick up food order.

Sunday March 20 – Thursday March 24

  • 6:30 am – 3 pm typical day of rowing
  • All meals are arranged by chaperones in kitchen at the marina. Rowers clean up. Basic meals are two large meals daily (brunch and dinner) with snacks in early AM and between meals.
  • Social spaces are living room and on top of house boats. Rowers not allowed in other rooms.
  • 10 pm rowers in assigned rooms and 10:30 pm quiet time


One afternoon we hike at Smokey Mountain National Park, Chimney Tops Trail head, stop at Hammer’s General Store, Dinner at Big Ed’s Pizza.

Thursday March 24

  • PM load trailer and U Haul. Pack breakfasts for rooms and lunches for buses on Friday.

Friday March 25

  • 6 am depart for St Louis. Lunch on the bus.
  • 3 pm (estimated) Arrive at St Louis rowing club, 13777 Marine Ave, St Louis MO 63146.
  • Rig and row.
  • Dinner with St Louis rowers at their boat house.
  • Rowers stay with St Louis Rowing Club families. Coaches, chaperones stay at Holiday Inn AIRPORT WEST EARTH CITY, 3400 Rider Trail South, St. Louis, MO 63045 1-314-291-6800.
  • Chaperones stop for any additional food needed.

Saturday March 26 – ST. LOUIS REGATTA

  • 6:30 am rowers arrive at regatta with host families. Meals arranged by chaperones.
  • Note to families – Restaurants are several miles away and limited snack food is available so bring food. There are few benches/little shade at regatta so bring chairs, rain and sun gear.
  • 4-5 pm (estimated) Buses depart St Louis, dinner on the bus. Subs arranged by chaperones from Subway 1352 South 5th Street, St Charles, MO 4.3 miles (636) 947-7570.
  • 10 pm (estimated ) Arrive Copps parking lot, Madison. Rowers call for pickup prior to arrival.

Monday March 28 – No Practice

Tuesday March 29 – Practice resumes



Pete Fass; Jeff Beckett (both driving truck/trailer); Mark Lilleleht (driving car); Angela Neidigh; Barbie Peitz; Barb Beckett; Melissa Waldvogel; Cynthie Wautlet-Anderson (driving car)

COACHES ON BUSES: Leslie, Amanda, Shayla, Mohan, Santi

TRUCK AND TRAILER: Pete Fass; Jeff Beckett (both driving truck/trailer);

U HAUL: Mitch and Christophe

  • Melissa Waldvogel 608-575-0031
  • Mark Lilleleht 608-354-6998
  • Pete Fass 608-692-0902
  • Jeff Beckett 608 – 445-0279
  • Angela Neidigh 608-628-5705
  • Barbie Peitz 608-213-8966
  • Barb Beckett 608-445-4032
  • Cynthie Wautlet-Anderson 608-239-2916
  • Mitch King 920-621-7581
  • Christophe Delaunay 201-563-2154
  • Mohan Mandali 603-738-0402
  • Leslie Dressler 608-213-5130
  • Shayla Dvorak 920-242-4821
  • Amanda Klaiber-Short 760-223-2064
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