CRRC Uniforms, Clothing & Spirit Wear

It’s time to order CRRC Clothing. Orders are due by March 1st

New this spring! Order CRRC Clothing, Uniforms and Spirit Wear ON LINE! CRRC’s store is only open for a few weeks a year (spring and fall), so order what you need today.

The spring ordering deadline is March 1st so that we can receive unis before our first spring regatta. Orders will be distributed the boathouse 4-6 weeks after the shop closes.

Junior Rower Uniforms:

Below are the clothing requirements for each level of rower. Required clothing must be worn at all regattas. 

  • Girls & Boys Novice Rowers – white tank and “trou” (black spandex shorts) email the clothing chairs to order Novice tank.
  • Girls Varsity – CRRC “uni” and Headsweat cap or visor
  • Boys Varsity – Black / Blue CRRC Tank and trou

How to measure for the best fit:

Payments for clothing are separate from other club fee payments. All clothing has a CRRC logo. Clothing comes in unisex sizes S-XXL; no tall sizes available. If unsure about size, talk to other rowers & coaches; try on a friend’s item. For Unis and Varsity Tanks, see the picture above and/or read sizing information at

Not sure if you are a novice or varsity rower? Please check with your coach. If you’ve been a Novice for a year, you’ll be Varsity for the first Fall Regatta and will need to order a Varsity Uniform in the summer for delivery in the fall.

Trou can be purchased at other locations, but the JL Racing brand are more durable and more comfortable.

Non-required clothing, with the CRRC logo, available for order includes:

  • Gray hoodies and T-shirts
  • Black hoodies and T-shirts
  • Headsweat cap (required for girls varsity, but others may order)
  • Headsweat visor (can be purchased in place of cap for Varsity Girls, but others may order)
  • Girls tech shirt
  • Boys tech shirt
  • Sweatshirt
  • Sweatpants
  • Black Plaid Flannel Pants– CRRC logo in white on the front UNISEX SIZES ONLY
  • Boathouse Windbreaker jacket (Please note that we only can obtain the Boathouse windbreaker if we get six orders – if we do not receive enough orders, we will refund you for that item.)
  • Fleece jacket (black or blue)
  • Long trou
  • Knitted hat with or without band
  • Baseball Cap
  • Daypack*
  • Team bag*
  • V-Neck or Crew “Parents” CRRC logo sport t-shirt
  • CRRC Scarf
  • CRRC Blanket
  • CRRC Socks

*Embroidered personalization included

For practice, we recommend that rowers wear trou or spandex shorts with tight fitting tops.

Contact Andrea and Dave Barber with clothing questions.

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