Adult Independent Rowers

Camp Randall Rowing Club offers club membership to adult rowers and rents storage space to boat owners in accordance with the Boat Storage and Facility Use Policy (below). Space is limited and there is usually a waiting list. Questions may be directed to our Head Coach (

CRRC Boat Storage and Facility Use Policy

Camp Randall Rowing Club (CRRC) makes space available for members in good standing to store privately owned singles, doubles/pairs, fours and eights. An annual membership fee of $400 for the calendar year is required. Members and their guests are required to submit a signed USRowing “Release of Liability” form prior to using club facilities.

Annual boat storage rack rental fees are:

  • Singles: $200
  • Doubles/Pairs: $300
  • Fours and Eights: $500
  • Inaccessible storage of derigged singles and doubles: $200
  1. Each member with assigned rack storage space will be provided with a boathouse key and will be required to sign a CRRC Keyholder’s Agreement Form. It is the member’s responsibility to close and lock all doors and windows when leaving the boathouse, including time spent on the water. When membership is terminated the boathouse key must be returned to CRRC.  If the key is not returned, the member will pay the current key replacement fees as outlined in the Keyholder Agreement Form.
  2. Members are allowed to use CRRC training equipment and dock whenever the facilities are not being used for program practices. Program activities have complete priority in using all CRRC equipment and the dock. Members may have guests for occasional use of the facilities.
  3. Members and their guests using the facilities must follow all CRRC rules and safety procedures. Members are responsible for properly storing their boats on the assigned rack properly without infringing on adjacent storage space. All oars, covers, slings, and car racks must be stored in designated locations and kept clean and orderly.
  4. Requests for rack storage space must be done through registration. Requests will be considered based on the date on which they were received. Requests that cannot be filled will be placed on a waiting list. The list will be updated as new requests are made, filled or cancelled.
  5. When rack storage space becomes available, the first person on the waiting list will be notified. That person is responsible for paying the rack storage fee within 30 days of notice, and prior to using the assigned rack space. This storage agreement and fees cover a 12-month period.
  6. The assignment of specific rack storage space is at the discretion of CRRC. Factors that will be considered when assigning rack storage space are boat size and weight, rack accessibility, and frequency of use. A rack assignment offer that is not acceptable to the member will be offered to the next person on the waiting list. Rack assignment changes during the term of the agreement will be considered and accommodated if possible. Requests for changing rack assignments must be made in writing.
  7. Equipment that can be stored under this agreement includes one boat, one set of rigging and oars. Slings and car top carriers may be stored in the boathouse if space is available. CRRC does not assume responsibility for damage, loss, or theft of members’ equipment when stored on CRRC premises or transported on the CRRC trailer. Members agree to indemnify and hold CRRC harmless for any such damages or losses. It is the responsibility of the member to obtain appropriate insurance coverage.
  8. If the storage fee is not paid, or if a member is not in good standing, CRRC, at its discretion, may remove the boat from its assigned rack, derig it, and move it to inaccessible storage. The defaulting member will be charged the inaccessible storage fee prorated on a monthly basis. The assigned rack space will be offered to the next person on the waiting list. If fees are unpaid or a member is not in good standing for a period of 3 months or more, the boat and related equipment will be judged abandoned and CRRC reserves the right to dispose of them.
  9. If an assigned rack space is empty for more than two months, CRRC, at its discretion, may offer the space to the next person on the waiting list. The storage agreement will be terminated and the remainder of the storage fee forfeited.
  10. Privately owned boats may be transported to regattas on the CRRC trailer so long as space is available as determined by the program coach organizing for the regatta. Transportation requests will be accommodated on a first come first served basis. Boats must be loaded as directed, and at the times determined, by the coach. A fee of $30 will be charged for singles and doubles; $50 for quads and fours.
  11. Unresolved disputes concerning rack storage and the use of facilities should be directed, in writing, to the Board of Directors for consideration.
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