All rowers must be registered, and fees must be paid to participate in practices and Regattas.  The following three steps must be completed for a rower to be considered registered.
How are CRRC’s fees set?

Step 1. 

Register here for the season

Step 2.

Pay the season’s fees by check, credit card, or Paypal.  At the end of the registration, you will have a choice of paying by check or credit card.  If by check, please promptly mail your payment to:

Camp Randall Rowing Club, Inc.

PO Box 258160

Madison, WI 53725-8160


  • Multiple rower family discount: CRRC offers a discount for families with multiple rowers enrolled in the Junior Rowing program.  The first rower pays 100% of the season’s fees, the second and any additional rowers pay 75% of fees. Choose the “pay-by-check” option at end of registration to save your registration information, email the CRRC Registrar Request that the Registrar apply this discount to your balance before you make a payment for the season.
  • New rowers are eligible for a free two-week trial. (first two weeks of the season only); Choose “pay-by-check” option at end of registration to save your registration information. Registrar will contact family at end of two weeks to ask for payment if rower continues to participate.
  • Scholarship Applications and/or payment plans:
    • JUNIOR ROWING: Limited scholarships and/or payment plan assistance is available for the Junior Rowing Program. Download the Scholarship Application hereA $100.00 deposit must be submitted along with the scholarship/payment plan application by the DUE DATE. FOR SPRING/SUMMER, THE DUE DATE IS FEBRUARY 28th @ MIDNIGHT. No exceptions to this due date will be considered.
    • SUMMER LEARN TO ROW PROGRAMS: Financial Aid is available for those participants meeting the Federal Eligibility Guidelines for Free or Reduced Lunch. Scholarships will be awarded to the extent that funds are available. Download the Summer Learn to Row Scholarship Application Here..

Step 3.

  • Sign the electronic USRowing waiverUse club code QUBXG. The US Rowing Waiver must be signed on a yearly basis, all waivers expire on December 31 of the year that they are signed.  The basic membership fee is $ 7.75.

Athletes will also review and sign a Athlete Code of Conduct and a attendance agreement with the coaching staff (this is not the USRowing waiver).

Questions about the registration process? Please read these helpful tips on registration & payment — new parents & rowers especially!

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