NEW – Winter Season COVID-19 Plan (Updated 11/08/2020)

CRRC has set procedures in place for its winter season. Access the most updated plan HERE.


Rowing in the Time of COVID-19

The best place to row a boat is on the water.

Since COVID-19, we have developed a plan that will allow CRRC Athletes (rowers and coxswains) to row in single sculling boats as well as pair/doubles with an exclusive “double bubble” partner. Our fall season is under way, with options for athletes from 6th-12th grade as well as adults.

Below you’ll find information about how we will carry out this activity while adhering to the rules contained within the State Order. Athletes who participate must have a successful swim test on file.


Any currently-enrolled CRRC Athlete who has evidence of a successful swim test on file with the club.


This fall, our junior team athletes will be rowing in single sculling boats and in pair/doubles with with a “double bubble” partner. Athletes will attend practices in smaller groups, maintaining social distancing and wearing masks when on land.


Junior Team practices occur M-F with an AM, Afternoon, and PM group option as well as on Saturday AM (Men’s Team) and PM (Women’s Team). Middle School sessions are available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays throughout the day. Our adult programs will vary in schedule this fall around coaching and equipment availability. Athletes will receive communication as to what practice sessions they may attend so we keep group numbers to a limited capacity.


Rowing will occur on Lake Monona and Monona Bay.


It means a lot to our athletes to be on the water and having a regular routine. This fall we look to have our athletes train on a routine basis in order to improve spirits, to breathe fresh air and move across the water. This has been a trying time for all, and providing our kids with something positive they can look forward to and participate in will help them and everyone around them. Doing it safely and thoughtfully will be one more way this rowing club can positively impact the lives of kids and families in Madison.


CRRC has planned out a process, met with relevant club committee leaders, reviewed the plan with the Madison Police Department and the Dane County Sheriff’s Department to have a plan can be carried out to the benefit of our athletes.

The Process

To participate in the fall/winter season, each athlete must be enrolled in the fall/winter season on regatta central. 

  • Sessions will be 2 hours long for juniors and 1 hour 45 minutes in length for our middle school athletes and adults.
  • Athletes must wear face masks when on land at the boathouse. Upon arrival, athletes will be asked to use club-provided hand sanitizer on their hands prior to handling equipment.
  • Athletes and parents will not be permitted to enter the boathouse for any reason; coaches and captains are the only ones with access to the boathouse. Athletes may not enter the boathouse for any reason including using the bathroom,  storing personal items or filling water bottles
  • Personal items can be left outside the boathouse or carried along with each athlete in their boat. Each athlete will have a boat and oars assigned to them by Cory for each session.
  • Boats and oars will have been thoroughly sanitized with soap and bleach after each use.

At the Boathouse

  1. Once completing a socially distanced land warm-up, each athlete will get their boat from its spot on the apron in front of the boathouse and will place it in the water off the dock.
  2. The athlete will get their oars, secure them into their boat, get into their boat and disembark to a holding spot away from the dock.
  3. Subsequent athletes will repeat this process until each athlete in the group is in their boat on the water.
  4. Boats will row at the coach’s direction for approximately one hour.
  5. After exercising on the water for about an hour, athletes will bring their boats back to the dock, maintaining proper social distancing.
  6. Each athlete will get out of their boat, put oars in a designated area, then get their boat out and place it in the spot designated by Cory.
  7. Once all boats and oars are out, each athlete will be provided a bucket filled with soapy water and a sponge.
  8. The coaching staff will sanitize the oars, radios, speed coaches, and other equipment the athletes may have used..
  9. Athletes will debrief and be dismissed at the end of their session.

Those athletes without experience in singles, at the coach’s discretion, will have their boats rigged with pontoons that will prevent the boat from flipping. Athletes are also offered self-inflating PFDs to be worn.

Health-Minded Considerations

  • To ensure we’re all following the guidelines communicated in the State Order, the following behavior must be adhered to while participating in this activity.
  • Participants must stay at least six feet apart from each other at all times
  • Cory will be the only person to enter any part of the boathouse
  • Anything brought to an on-the-water rowing session by an athlete will remain the responsibility of the athlete (or their parent). These items will not be stored within the boathouse during the session and Cory will not handle your items. If you have a phone, leave it in your vehicle. If you bring keys, put them into a plastic ziploc bag and store them in the waterproof compartment in your boat.
  • As much as possible, athlete groupings will remain consistent

Do Not Come to Row If You or a Member of your Household Has:

Fever, Cough, Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, Chills/Repeated Shaking with Chills, Muscle Pain, Headache, Sore Throat, New loss of Taste or Smell

Persons who have the above symptoms or who live with a person exhibiting these symptoms may begin participating under the following conditions:
At least 3 days (72 hours) have passed since recovery, defined as resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications; and Improvement in respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath); and at least 7 days have passed since symptoms first appeared.


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