About the Camp Randall Rowing Club Junior Parent Committee

The Junior Parent Committee (JPC) supports the coaching staff and rowers. The role of parent-volunteers is core to the success of the program and the involvement and support of parents is critical in keeping the club fun and functioning. All parents, guardians and grandparents of enrolled uunior rowers are eligible and encouraged to participate in the JPC.

Junior Parent Committee

Chairs – Tim Trapp

Registrar – Anne and Bill Bowen

Secretary and CommunicationAlene Bolin

Scholarship & Fund Raising – Anne Karch, Gil O’Brien, Tobey Chier, Eric Selje

Regatta Food – Lake Locken (chair),  Mike Swift, Laurie Nagus, Sydne Trapp, Beth Rhodehamel, Tamarine Cornelius

Regatta Camp / Equipment Crew – Vacant

TravelSteve Smith, Megan Jaeckel

ClothingChandra Anderson, Mark Anderson

Website – Suzanne Swift

OARacle Newsletter & Communications – Vacant

Outreach & Recruitment – Sarah Pfau

Social – Sarah Pfau, Tim Tansey, Lisa Bishop

Truck and Trailer – Harry Browne

Ergathon – Allison Geisler

Summer Programming – Alene Bolin

Grant Writing – Sue Stanton

Safety, SafeSport & CultureAnne Bilder, Katherine Moriarty, Sue Stanton, Faith Windsor-Leonard

Camp Randall Invite – Ed Wallander

CRRC Junior Parent Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Collect registration forms, waivers, emergency contact information forms and collect, deposit and maintain records of the fall, spring & winter workout programs and travel fees paid by the families of Junior rowers;
  2. Collect registration forms, waivers, emergency contact information forms and collect, deposit and maintain records of the program and travel fees paid by the families of the summer, high school and middle school Learn to Row programs;
  3. Organize, manage and coordinate the Annual Spring and Fall Parent Meetings, Open House, Awards Ceremony and other social activies;
  4. Organize, manage and coordinate fund-raising activities for the purchase and maintenance of equipment for the Junior rowing program, including the annual Erg-A-Thon and Bucky’s Locker Room;
  5. Organize, manage and coordinate the food, team tent, setup and other activities associated with the junior team’s regattas;
  6. Organize, manage and coordinate chaperones, lodging, transportation and equipment trailering for the Junior team’s travel activities, including but not limited to, the Spring Training Trip, Head of the Charles Regatta, Midwest Junior Rowing Championships, Youth National Invitational, Head of the Fox, Duluth International Regatta, Badger State Games, etc.;
  7. Organize, manage and coordinate the procurement and sale of all team clothing;
  8. Assist the coaching staff with planning, organizing and coordinating home regattas including the Brittingham Regatta and the Monona Terror Regatta;
  9. Organize, manage and coordinate recruitment programs for new Learn to Row participants and Junior rowers and,
  10. Prepare reports to the Board of Directors about the activities of the JPC, including recommendations for policies, activities, expenditures, etc., to enhance and support the Summer Learn to Row programs and the Junior Rowing program.

The JPC shall select a Chair and a Vice-chair and shall organize such subcommittees as necessary to fulfill its responsibilities. The JPC Chair shall serve as a voting member of the CRRC Board of Directors.

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