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Last night at the parent meeting we talked about the different ways we communicate at CRRC. You can find an entire list of the ways we communicate here. The biggies are:

  • Subscribe to the OARacle, the CRRC Newsletter – fill out the form on the home page of this website.
  • Like and follow CRRC Parent’s Facebook page.
  • Follow us on Twitter. Twitter gives you real time information on canceled practices, OARacle notifications and website communication updates.
  • Visit the website. All Twitter notifications will be on the homepage, and you can find detailed information about almost anything CRRC related.

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Did you know that you can receive Twitter notifications as text messages, without a twitter account? Here is how:

Create a SMS (Short Message Service) Follow

  • Send a text message from your phone to ‘phone number’ 40404
  • Type the following into your message box: Follow RowCRRC, and press send.

You will immediately start receiving Tweets on your device via text message whenever we post a new tweet or website blog update. 

Useful Fast follow mobile commands:

  • Follow rowcrrc – allows you to receive updates from CRRC
  • Leave rowcrrc – allows you to stop receiving updates from CRRC
  • OFF or STOP – turns off receiving updates from all the users you are following.
  • ON – will turn on device updates and you will start receiving tweets again.
  • GET rowcrrc – retrieves the latest update that user has posted.
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