Due to high winds predicted for Saturday, the Monona Invite venue has been changed to Lake Wingra.

This course is just shy of a 2K, but will provide needed shelter from high winds.

Statement from Head
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Coach, Phil White
: Our first priority is to make sure we can provide safe, fair racing conditions for the visiting teams as well as our own athletes. Given the most recent weather forecast (NOAA, 20 April, 9:53 am) calling for northeast winds of 7 mph at 9am building to 8 mph by 10am through 4pm on Saturday, I don’t want to take the chance that we might have rowable water on Saturday.

Wingra has an excellent, stable plastic dock that will accommodate two 8’s at a time, enough room in the park for the 3 teams and all their boats, tents and trailers, a place for our timers to set up at the finish line, and a spectator friendly setting that will allow everyone to see at least part of every race.

I value the time of our camp of volunteers. I realize that moving racing off of Monona adds time and effort to the event. Thank you for your understanding.

CRRC Rowers: 

  • Report to Wingra Park, off Knickerbocker Street at 7AM – Look for the trailer and immediately begin rigging boats.
  • Rowers must wear their race uniform or novice tank top to this event. Tank tops are available from the clothing chairs for $10
  • Snacks and lunch will be provided by the club for rowers and volunteers scheduled to work all day or on the water.
  • Please bring your own full water bottle, sunscreen, cool weather clothing and other race day necessities

Visiting Teams: New Trier High School, Milwaukee Rowing Juniors

Coaches & Coxwain’s Meeting: 8:10AM at the dock

Racing: 9AM Saturday, April 22. Monona Invite Full Event Schedule 2017

Results: Race results will be tweeted at rowCRRC #Mononainvite and will be posted at the information tent. Medals will be awarded to first place finishers in each race.

RACE COURSE INFORMATION: Updated Racing and spectator map can be found at Monona Invite Alternative Site Map grounds layout Lake Wingra and Lake Wingra Map – Alternative Race Course

Weather: Up to date weather information can be found here.

Water Based Race Coordinator: Phil White 670-819-9705

Land Based Race Coordinators: 

Melissa Waldvogel 608-575-0031 melissa.waldvogel@yahoo.com
Jenna Hansen 608-445-7474 Jennahansen182@gmail.com
Sue Gaard 608-577-2083 sgaard@uwalumni.com

CRRC Volunteers: Please sign up here to volunteer.


  • Spectator parking is available along residential streets around Lake Wingra, and at the Vilas Zoo Beach.
  • Vehicles hauling team equipment & trailers will have limited parking at Wingra Park via Knickerbocker Street. This lot is not a large lot, so parking will be very limited.

Spectators: The race course has two good spots for spectating: in Wingra Park and Along the road and beach at Vilas Zoo Beach. Please note, Dogs are not allowed in Madison parks.

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