Tail of the Fox 2014 Wrap-Up

Tail of the Fox 2014

Varsity Girls coach Amanda Klaiber offers this summary of last weekend’s regatta:

The Camp Randall team arrived at the Tail of the Fox venue, and the Varsity quickly got to work bringing the Novice team up to speed on regatta-day duties. This was the first regatta for most of the Novice team, and unfortunately the wind was not going to cooperate. The racecourse was shortened by more than 1000 meters because of the gusty conditions at the normal start line, leaving the boats with approximately 2500-2800 meters to race on. The parents had their own setting up to do, and started making a hot breakfast that the chilly rowers greatly appreciated.

Tail of the Fox 2014

The first race of the day was the mixed 8s, one of the few opportunities for rowers to race in boats with members of the opposite gender. Seen as more of a “fun” race, the rowers are not quite sure what the race will be like, having never practiced in these line-ups. Our two mixed 8’s managed to beat the college teams they were rowing against!

As a coach, I was excited to see all the technique changes and improvements the Varsity girls have been working so hard on the last few weeks. The Varsity men have made similar changes to their technique, and their powerful finishes across the line hinted at the speed their team has been building. The Novice teams had a challenge with the wind, but handled it well once they were out on the water and in the racing mindset. There is so much improvement week to week for the Novice, and for the short time they have been rowing the boats moved well under the pressure of racing conditions.

Tail of the Fox 2014

Even though the end of the race day did include a few medals (or as I like to call them, hardware!) I was most impressed with how the team represented Camp Randall Rowing Club. Early mornings are not easy by any means, and the number of smiles I saw during the day was fantastic! A huge thank you needs to be said to the many parent volunteers and chaperones; these events would not be possible without the planning and hard work!!

We have a few days before the Rock and I know our rowing will only continue to improve until then. See you at the Boathouse!

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