There are plenty of great opportunities to meet your volunteer obligation and to get to know the rowers, staff, and other parents:
Madison Marathon: This is a great way to support our club’s scholarship fund and to enjoy the thrilling atmosphere of the event!  Volunteers act as “pointers” so that the runners can easily follow the course.  This is not  hard.  Multiply your volunteer hours by bringing along a friend or two! To volunteer at the Madison Marathon click here.

Boathouse Chaperone: There are still many slots open to volunteer as a boathouse chaperone.  This is a two-hour commitment and requires you to be present at the boathouse during practice.  It’s a great way to see just what it is that your son or daughter is doing during those practices!  The volunteer provides an adult presence when the coaches are otherwise engaged.  You may feel inspired to tidy up, pull some weeds, or just sit back and enjoy the lake view (although it’s hard to sit still while the rowers are working so hard!)  To sign up, click here.

Parent Pick-Up: After each practice we need an adult volunteer to stay with the crew until the last rower is picked up.  This way the coaches can lock up and head home after their long day of work and practice.  When the weather turns, the rowers may need to sit in your car as they’re usually wet and/or sweaty.  (this is not as gross as it sounds!) The volunteer arrives at 6:25, lets the coach know they’re there, then waits until the last rower is picked up.  It’s that easy and it counts as 1 hour of service!  To  sign up for this much-needed service click here.

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